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Abhiraj Bhal
Co-founder, Urban Clap
If you are a fast growing organisation that needs help with Online Marketing, then Intellemo will effectively give you at least 10-20x return on an investment in hiring them.
Holly Avila
Marketing Director, CompliancePoint
I found Intellemo team to be very knowledgeable and they have added a great deal of value to some projects that we have done together. I'd recommend you to work with Intellemo.
Sameer Bhatia
CEO, House of Candy
We started with a really low budget and then we started getting a very good response while generating 8x-9x of our ad spends. I'd highly recommend Intellemo team to you.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

We have created thousands of Readymade marketing posts with appealing designs and right communication. Every post is mapped to the correct target audience by our professionals. You have to neither spend your time in design and strategy nor in thinking about the right audience. Your campaign is ready. Just launch it.

We’ve done all the research and tough grind to give you a proven marketing solution. It saves you time and resources and gives you instant growth in weeks. Execute faster, get high-intent leads, track your results and fast-track your business.

Since we have a huge number of marketing posts, the probability is that your competitor will choose a different post. But just in case that doubt crops up, understand that when the ad gets customized your logo will be changed automatically. Next, fonts, brand colors, text, headlines and product image can also be changed as per brand guidelines and the final post will end up looking completely different. So, relax those frayed nerves. Your ad will turn out to be unique.

The audiences that are mapped to the marketing posts are for initial campaign launch. Thereafter the system will keep finding new audiences to avoid any fatigue and optimize across the account. Once we have enough data for purchases or add to carts for example, lookalike audiences can be launched. Remarketing campaigns can also be run accordingly. So the entire audience management will be automatic.

Sure, you can. You won't be any charged for the post design you upload. You would only be charged for optimisation (i.e. 5% of ad spend). Yet, keep in mind that you’ll have to self-design or pay a designer for getting that design. That’ll also eat a lot of your time and even then, the ads may not perform. There can also be issues of approval, low CTRs and high CPM due to bad designs. Choose wisely. We always recommend proven readymade posts. These are backed by research and perform well on social media platforms. Also, these are quick and easy to customise. If you're not convinced, just run an A/B test and see the difference yourself.

We work on a Pay-per-use model. So you only pay for the campaign you wish to purchase. You can add credits to your wallet whenever you wish to make your life easy with the platform. For running ads on paid platforms, 5% of the media spend is charged as management fees for optimisation and bringing best results for your brand. If you do not have an ad account and want to use our ad account, you’ll have to pay for the media spend as well

Yes you can utilize our easy-to-use CRM to store leads. You can further share it with your team members to discuss data insights.

Your safety is our top priority. We take all the measures possible to ensure that your data and business information stays safe with us. You can check our privacy policy here.

We’ve tried our best to keep the dashboard as simple and user-friendly as we could. But in case you still have any queries you can chat with our team. Simply click the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Intellemo will give you and your team a detailed product tour so you can understand and utilize all features easily. Your first campaign will be launched on the fly and you’ll be trained regarding creative editing and further launches. Thereafter we will only support you with troubleshooting bugs and marketing recommendations. We won’t be able to launch campaigns on your behalf or create customized posts and send reports manually. This is because we are a platform to give you full control over your marketing anytime.