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House of Candy Case Study

This is an overview of the work that Intellemo delivered for House of Candy and the remarkable results that were achieved.
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80% Higher CVR

We were able to bump CVR by 80%. This was done by streamlining the checkout process to make it more user friendly. Along with this, AMP product pages & category pages were launched to increase the performance. Simultaneously the value of cost per conversion was also lowered by 74%.

House of Candy Higher CVR Google Ads Graph

200% More ROI

We experimented with various keywords & ads to find out the ones that work the best. Once this was clear, we started targeting our audience precisely while segregating it further to keep getting better results in future.

House of Candy More ROI Google Ads Graph

3.6x Jump in Revenue

Despite the pandemic, we were able to bring a jump in the revenue through Facebook ads. This was achieved through engaging ads which had communication moulded as per the existing scenario for better relevancy with the users. To push the user into purchasing, also started offers on higher purchase value with the help of House of Candy team.

House of Candy Jump in Revenue Google Ads Graph

The Challenge

House of Candy is a business focussed on selling chocolates and candies with 150+ franchises. However, they hadn’t tried selling the same online before. On top of that, with lockdown scenario, when most of the businesses were shutting down their marketing due to delivery obstacles, ensuring that the business flourishes was a challenge we took to ourselves.


Generating brand awareness for House of Candy & their products. Remarketing on people who showed interest to further nurture this audience. Using human psychology to understand the audience behaviour of people who’d be interested in their products and creation of audience accordingly. Improving the overall performance of website & landing pages. During the launch of any new gift box during festive season, mails were sent to users who had purchased from the brand previously to inform them about it to drive purchases.

Launching AMP

To improve the conversion rate further by increasing the loading speed of the landing page, we launched AMP for product categories. Separate category pages were launched for each category to improve ad relevance & improve user experience. Sharing the improved numbers of the same.

House of Candy Page Speed Insights

Creating Ads as per Occasion

Engaging creatives for all major occasions to drive purchases apart from the regular ads. Testing different ad formats and communication to know what works the best.

Creating Ads as per Occasion

Final Word

Overall, the achievements so far for House of Candy are just a beginning and we continue to strive for better performance through implementation of new strategies and innovative ideas. Further optimisation of accounts is still being done and we’ll keep you updated on future achievements.