Intellemo Marketing Policy - Prohibited and Restricted Items

We at Intellemo, support ethical practices and healthy digital advertising. Therefore, we shall always abide by the prohibitions and restrictions laid down by Meta Ads, Google Ads or other platforms.

Prohibited businesses are the ones that are forbidden by any law or authority and hence cannot be advertised.
Restricted businesses can indulge in advertising but will have to comply with all the conditions that have been laid down

Please note that:

  • No prohibited business can advertise its products or services using Intellemo
  • Restricted businesses may launch organic posts if they get through all the laid down conditions.

Here’s the list of prohibited businesses that cannot be published from the platform at all. Any brand related to these products will be disabled by the Intellemo review team.

Adult productsIncludes any sexual, pornographic content, sex toys, prostitution services etc.
Black MagicIncludes any miracle cures that can harm a person/property/thing.
Body PartsIncludes sale of body parts.
Controversial productsIncludes any kind of sensitive content or imagery
Counterfeit goodsGoods that are fake or unauthorized replicas.
DrugsThis also includes prescription drugs, recreational drugs, drug test kits and psychoactive substances
Fake ids and documentsIncludes any fake government id or documents
Illegal Art TradeIncludes sale of stolen antiquities or any other stolen cultural property
Malware or any hacking materialIncludes any computer virus, illegal software, websites, patented property etc.
Multilevel marketing and Pyramid schemesIncludes any home-based earning schemes
Penny AuctionsIncludes bidding fee auctions or any similar business model
PoliticsIncludes any political promotions, campaigns or encouragement for any kind of donations to political groups.
Products that are illegal or unsafeIncludes products from illegal /banned or unsafe businesses like illegal automobile modification products, illegal logging, human trafficking, unsafe supplements etc.
Prohibited financial instrumentsIncludes any misleading or deceptive promotion: initial coin offering, binary options etc.
Surveillance equipmentIncludes spy cams and mobile phone trackers
Third party infringementsIncludes any ad that appears to or infringes the rights of any third party
Tobacco productsIncludes cigarettes, tobacco pipes, cigars, rolling papers, hookah or any other tobacco related products
WeaponsIncludes firearms, ammunition, explosives, BB guns, self-defense weapons or any other weapons.

Businesses that have to be careful with restrictions and can launch only organic posts and can not run paid advertisements:

AlcoholSome countries strictly do not allow promotion of alcoholic beverages.The drinking age in some countries is 21.
Copyrights and trademarksAds that are unauthorized to use copyright content or trademarks cannot run on Facebook or Google.
Cosmetic proceduresMust be targeted to people aged 18 or more. Any drastic change before and after images are not allowed.
CryptocurrencyAds that promote cryptocurrency trading, platforms, swapping, staking etc. will have to go through a complete eligibility criterion. This can include licensing and other requirements.
DatingDating ad guidelines by Facebook and Google must be followed. Prior written permission is required.
Drug and alcohol treatmentsIncludes any helplines websites or platforms for addiction treatments. Prior permission is required from Facebook. LegitScript certification is required in case of US advertising.
Made for kids things/contentA number of ad sets are not available for targeting people below 18 in a number of countries. Kids cannot be targeted based on interests. Businesses can only target people below 18 based on age, location and gender.
Online gambling, online games, lotteries, and casinoOnly certain types of lotteries and online gambling/casino games are allowed on Meta and Google with written permission. People below 18 years of age should not be targeted for such ads.
Pharmacies and over the counter drugsPrior permission and certification from LegitScript (in case of USA targeting) is required for online pharmacies. Prescription-only medicine cannot be advertised. Regular posting of covid-19 related health products like face masks, hand sanitizers etc. may attract trouble.
Subscription servicesSubscription terms should be clear and subscription service advertising requirements laid down by the platforms must be fulfilled. Negative options, automatic renewal, free-to-pay conversion billing products are generally not allowed
Any other restricted businessAny business that risks user safety or leads to exploitation of users.

What kind of content should not be used in ads?

  • Anything that encourages discriminatory practices based on color, religion, sex, race etc.
  • Any kind of communication that is very shocking, sensational or violent.
  • Any kind of misinformation or misleading claims.
  • Statements that can hurt political or religious sentiments.
  • Any communication that encourages cheating or wrong practices.
  • Content that is low-quality or disruptive in any way.

Apart from these, we welcome all allowed and acceptable businesses to advertise using the platform.
In case if any queries you can reach out to us on Whatsapp or call at +91 7799 740 219