Platform Pricing

Just add funds to your wallet to get started.
No monthly subscription involved in any of the packages.

Free plan.
No charges

Launch organic posts with watermark

Launch your own creative designs

AI powered Background removal

Media storage for posts

In-built CRM for managing contacts

Ad account reporting for multiple platforms

    of Managed
    Ad Spend

    Everything in Starter, and

    Launch ads yourself without any watermark

    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Automatic Ad Optimisation

    Automatic audience and budget management

    Access to all strategic dashboard features

    Training for first launch

    Chat support

    Basic Website Landing Pages (Coming Soon)

    Google Ads (Coming Soon)

      of Managed
      Ad Spend

      Everything in Pro, and

      Premium Ad Account Support

      Custom template designs

      Custom Audiences

      Weekly marketing strategy calls

      Weekly report discussions

      Support on Phone / Video call

      Training team members for new features

      Video Posts & Ads (Coming Soon)

      Youtube Ads (Coming Soon)

        Optional Add Ons

        Additional packages to be added with the platform pricing plans

        Creative Cost
        Starting Price
        per post

        Pay per post for creatives

        100% commercial licensed images, videos and content

        Prices for single image, carousels and video content will vary as per efforts and underlying costs

          Advertisement Cost
          Starting Price
          per day

          Use Intellemo ad account chargeable from Intellemo wallet

          Use payment methods like bank transfer, not supported by ad platforms

          Single window for all advertisement costs without any surprises

          *3% payment gateway charges will be applicable for ad spend through Wallet

            Our Plan Includes
            Pay Per Use
            Refund Balance Anytime
            No Subscription
            Brands that Trust us

            Some Frequently Asked Questions:

            Every creative whether it's an image, a carousel or a video has been assigned some credits. You can launch these posts as and when you require. Just recharge your wallet and pay-per-use.

            We assign credits based on our efforts and resources used. Usually, a carousel will be assigned more credits than a single image because of the efforts required to design an extra number of cards. Similarly, videos will demand more credit than carousels.

            Yes, definitely. At any time if you wish to discontinue the service from Intellemo, you can ask for a refund. The remaining balance in your wallet shall be credited back to you without any questions asked.

            You just have to pay for posts that you purchase and 5% ad optimization fees.

            Pay per post: You can pay for marketing posts as and when you wish to launch. Planning to launch only 2 campaigns this week? Pay for only two. Unlike the subscription model, this model helps our clients save money. Your subscriptions get deducted even when you don’t use the platform. So low-usage clients indirectly pay for the high-usage ones.
            Our Single images, carousel ads and videos are differently priced based on the efforts and creative resource costs involved. Cost and effort of creating a video would be much more than that of creating a carousel or single image. Hence, the differential charges for different formats.

            Ad optimisation fees: There are no hidden or minimum charges that’ll be deducted from your wallet. Only 5% of your ad spend will be charged for auto-optimisation to deliver you the best results. This helps you start with minimum amounts without worrying about high fees.

            Here’s an example for you to understand better:
            Let’s say you start with an initial 1000 in your wallet. The campaign you choose is for 200. So, you will be left with the balance of 800. 5% of ad spend, that is 40 will be Intellemo’s management fee and the remaining will go to Facebook/Google for running your ads.

            If you are running ads with Intellemo wallet you will have to pay for the media spend as well.

            So if your budget is 5000 for a week, you shall add 5000 to the wallet and this amount will go to Facebook/Google.
            For clients who choose to pay without card, there are no charges or extra fees.
            If you choose to pay through card, 2% charges apply. This is because we are running ads on your behalf and we have to pay these charges further to the payment gateway. There’s full transparency in whatever we do and no communication gaps.

            Again 5% ad optimization fees will be applicable as above.

            Our strategic dashboard will keep managing audiences and budget automatically for better optimisation of your account and bringing you results. We’ll make sure your business growth is fast-tracked.

            We got your back for marketing recommendations to help scale your brand. There are no hidden charges or additional costs for guidance.

            When you launch an ad on a platform like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, etc., they charge cost for showing advertisement. When that advertisement is managed by our platform, we call it managed advertisement spend.

            We don’t charge you any fixed monthly subscription fees unlike other platforms, as that may amount to paying fees without getting due returns.

            By charging a % of managed advertisement spend we allow you to pay as per your fair scale of operations.

            If your managed advertisement spend is lower, you won’t overpay for low scale. You incur increased fees only when managed advertisement spend goes higher, our optimization costs increase and you’ll have more revenues to pay the fees as well.