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Pay per post

Use whichever post you like image, carousel or video and just pay it's display charge.

100% commercial licensed images, videos and content.

    Advertisement Cost

    As per actuals charged by platforms on CPM or CPC basis

    You may create and link your own ad account too and pay directly to digital platforms.

      Ad optimisation Fees

      Flat 5% of ad spend. No minimum charges

      Automatic audience and budget management.

      Ensures you achieve your objective whatever it takes.

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        Some Frequently Asked Questions:

        Every creative whether it's an image, a carousel or a video has been assigned some credits. You can launch these posts as and when you require. Just recharge your wallet and pay-per-use.

        We assign credits based on our efforts and resources used. Usually, a carousel will be assigned more credits than a single image because of the efforts required to design an extra number of cards. Similarly, videos will demand more credit than carousels.

        Any FREE or BONUS credits that you get while signing up or on some offer can be used towards the payment of organic posts only.
        These credits cannot be refunded/withdrawn or used for running advertisements.

        The media spend will be paid directly to the digital platform. Only 5% of the media spend will be charged as ad optimisation fees.

        Here’s an example for you to understand better:

        Let’s say you start with an initial 1000 in your wallet. The campaign you choose is for 200. So, you will be left with the balance of 800. 5% of ad spend, that is 40 will be Intellemo’s management fee and the remaining will go to Facebook/Google for running your ads.

        No extra charges. If you choose to run ads with our account, you just have to pay for the media spend as well.

        Our strategic dashboard will keep managing audiences and budget automatically for better optimisation of your account and bringing you results. We’ll make sure your business growth is fast-tracked.

        We got your back for marketing recommendations to help scale your brand. There are no hidden charges or additional costs for guidance.