Added funds, launched campaign
Referral Bonus Credited

4 quick steps:

Invite your friends to Intellemo. If they sign up and pay, you will get referral bonus!

Share your unique referral link with your friends

Tell them about instant marketing campaigns and results you got by running your ads using Intellemo.


Your friend creates account with the link

Ask your friend to use the link to fast-track their launch directly with your assigned marketer.


Your friend launches first paid marketing campaign

Your friend selects an instant campaign, makes payment and launches it. You get 2 instantly after the launch.


Keep running campaign for next 90 days

Your friend gets marketing results and keeps adding funds for next 90 days. You get 25% of platform fees and post purchases by your friend for 90 days.


How it works

Here are the details of our referral program. You get bonus credits on your account for referring your friend through following steps:

Your friend adds funds

You get 2 instantly credited to your account irrespective of the amount added by your friend. e.g. if your friend adds 25, then you get 2 instantly. If your friend adds 50, then also you get 2.

Your friend runs a campaign

25% of fees charged by us to run a campaign or to purchase a post will be credited back as referral bonus to your wallet e.g. your friend purchased a readymade post for 3 , you get back 25% of it i.e. 0.75.

If your friend runs campaign on a Pro plan for 150 we earn 5% as optimisation fees i.e 7.5 as optimisation fees.

You get 25% of it as well i.e. 1.875 In total, you can get 7.5 + 1.875 = 9.375 as per this example. There is no upper cap and higher spend by your friend will lead to higher bonus.

Duration of bonus

Your eligibility of referral bonus begins as soon as your friend adds funds to their account. You get bonus for first 90 days if the campaign run by your friend remains active.

When is referral bonus Credited?

2 is credited instantly on first purchase of your friend. After that 25% of fees will be credited at end of every month.

25% of Intellemo Fees?

Intellemo Pricing includes 2 main components. You get 25% of this for first 90 days from the point your friend adds funds to their brand.

Creative Content

All readymade campaigns have pre-defined textual and media content.

We charge a one-time fees for this starting 3. Freshly designed Posts, Carousels and premium content is charged higher.

Platform Fees

On running a campaign we charge 5% of ad cost on Pro Plan and 10% of Ad cost on Premium Plan.

Ad Cost charged by ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, youtube, etc. is not our fees even if you paid it through our platform.

Why to refer Intellemo?

Our referral program rewards you generously for the good words you spread about us. You get 2 instantly on your friends first purchase. Also, get 25% credits of the fees charged to your friend for 90 days.

The bonus credits you get can be used for:

  • Post purchases
  • Marketing Spend (Ad Cost)
  • Ad Optimisation Fees
Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Any Intellemo client on Pro or Premium plan can participate in the Referral Program. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now and start launching marketing campaigns.

Log in to your account, go to the Refer a friend on billing section.

You may refer as many as you like! There’s no limit on how many friends you refer. There is no cap to the referral bonus you can earn.

Your referral bonus is instantly deposited back to your account as advance marketing credits. You can use it to purchase posts, pay for marketing campaigns or to pay for platform fees.

To qualify as valid referral, the new referral brand must belong to a new owner (having uniquely different email id and phone number). The referral brand must not be a subsidiary or legally linked organisation of the referring brand.

No you're not allowed to withdraw the bonus to your bank account due to government regulations. You have to utilise it for purchases on Intellemo only.